A Fantasy Roleplaying Multiverse

Welcome to the newly updated Multiverse of Eldahar, (Version 2.0) a thirty year old fantasy roleplaying campaign brought to life by over sixty people dedicating thousands of hours of their time to living heroic alternate lives.

Eldahar is a big place with a lot of history, much of which has been forgotten. Some has been preserved though, thanks to obsessive note-taking, in the form of intrepid characters, magical objects, legendary places and chronicles of events. This website is a homage to all that has passed, to every hero and every quest, every twist and turn of plot. By no means original or unique, but a blend of systems, ideas and popular fiction that just miraculously worked together, Eldahar is ultimately the by product of enduring friendship. I hope you will find something inspirational here.

Version 1.0 was first uploaded to the web on December 6th 1999 and quickly evolved into a sprawling mash up of ideas and bright colours. From the 21st of March 2007 however the site saw a decline in updates due to irregular gaming sessions and real-life commitments. Version 2.0 went live on the 15th June 2011 at noon.

To this day the Eldahar Campaign continues to its conclusion through the actions of four pivotal characters playing one to one sessions both in person and over the phone; Xenon Von Victor of Dawn - The Bane of Tharizden; The God Emperor Ash - First Lord of Law; Sol - Servant of the Elder Gods and Wan - Guardian of the Arda and Cosmic Source.

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Marcus, Paul, Justin, my gorgeous Allicorn and Liam for their encouragement and input over the years. This Multiverse wouldn't have been possible without them.

Site News and Updates

30/06/15 Started Tales of Etheria Sunday 28/06. Added Gods of Etheria.
18/05/15 Massive Eldahar RPG system update in progress. Not that there was ever much to be begin with. Codex will be updated once play-tested. System will be called Eternium as that is where most stuff goes down these days.
02/05/15 Tales of Etheria - The 7th Realm of Eternium. Coming soon to Sunday night RPG.
05/10/14 Xenon write up underway. Added Fade and Kryss - Orbs of Power and Swords of Power.
22/09/14 Next Xenon Session scheduled for 25/09. Prep underway.
20/07/14 After a rocky recovery from surgery I am contemplating the future of this site as the amount of RPG I am involved in has considerably diminished and I am no longer in contact with two of its major players. A decision will be coming soon.
09/11/13 Been getting rpg character related emails recently. Have now added an email pop up box to preserve these things within the site. Bit late. Would have been good to get Marcus' on file but at least it's in now.
08/11/13 The story continues in The Tale of Han. Part 1. Big campaign reveals abound as the final battle draws ever closer. Nothing lasts forever and every player character is connected.
04/11/13 The Tale of Sebal. Part 1.
29/10/13 Trying to finish write-up of latest Xenon session before I go in for a very risky operation. Updates found here.
23/10/13 Few more Victor notes, bringing stuff up to date.
22/10/13 Added notes to Ash - Craven World - from a session that never transpired. Next Xenon session confirmed for 28/10/13. Added Dolagne Corum and some Victor notes.
14/08/13 Sol updates continue most weeks. Latest sessions all up to date.
31/05/13 Big giant Victor update. Added Tharizden Campaign Volume 1 and Tharizden Campaign Volume 2 from original Eldahar V1.0 notes. It's a bit of a mess and a lot of it doesn't make sense, especially towards the end, but at least it's preserved. Carried out some tidying up and punctuation throughout. Also added Time Rift Saga further content to Volume 4 and a new Volume 5! I wish I had taken more detailed notes because 75% of this stuff is gibberish. Just one old Victor html page to go though.
29/05/13 Small Victor update.
28/05/13 Another big Sol update.
21/05/13 Additional Sol - Elder Gods Campaign notes.
11/05/13 Further Sol notes.
10/05/13 Added start of Ithillan character.
09/05/13 Added start of new timeline - Sol. Also, brief update to Xenon.
07/10/12 Added Navigator Volume 12.
05/10/12 Added Navigator Volume 11.
25/09/12 On a bit of a roll while waiting for book edits to come back from proof reader. Hence, further Victor write up completed. See here.
09/09/12 Images have gone curvy! Thanks Allicorn.
05/09/12 Added incomplete entries for Callista, Mok, Jubel, Valencia and Mordaghus.
28/08/12 Added unedited Ash, Volume 8.
12/08/12 Added edited version of Ash, Volume 17. Added unedited versions of Ash, Volume 5 and Volume 6.
25/04/12 Added Skathen, Armageddon Clock, Mormeldin, The Chorus (small entry), Cygnet of Ellessar,
17/04/12 Wan update.
12/04/12 Added Shada, Tower of Babel, Drynn, The Prime, Kizzik the Sun Hawk and Ischandi. On a roll.
11/04/12 Long time no update. Been busy in real world. Added lots of stuff from old site; Phase Falcon, Scabbard of Saints, Frontier Bow and Yarbeung - sword of Half-light. Also - Olahdan's Life Cord, Arkynlore, Dark Star, Frostfire, World's End, Darksea and Sparca.
15/02/12 Added Jixiliah.
02/02/12 Kinshala - The Chaos Planet
30/01/12 New Wan update. Parting of Worlds. This ends Chapter 3 of Wan. We now move onto the final Chapter.
11/01/12 First update of the new year. Took a while but last Wan session now up, The Oblivion Gate, The Seventh Crown and Deja Vu.
05/12/11 Wan update. Detonation.
16/11/11 Latest Wan session written up; Opposing Forces, Ark Hunting and New World Order.
07/11/11 Another Wan update.
30/10/11 New Wan session write up. One more to go and I'm up to date.
20/10/11 Wow, long time no update. New session write up to Wan Timeline.
28/09/11 Added following entries ;-Eternal Key, Eternal Manifest, Celesteen, Sera Castarule, Woethorn, Wayshard and Crowns of Power. Tremendous thanks go to Allicorn for creating new custom artwork for the site.
25/09/11 Added and rewritten further Timeline entries to Xenon Campaign here at Alternate Eldahar. Will continue adding more to this until entry is complete.
24/09/11 Added Mount Eldahar, Parri Winters, Uncus. Also built new section in Codex called Miscellaneous as was finding it hard placing some encyclopedia entries from V 1.0 such as languages and currencies etc.
23/09/11 Added The Lost to characters and Nithlings. Completed write up of latest Wan session too as well as added Tesseract of Time and Time Clock.
15/09/11 As requested by Marcus, a small creative update "Dark Observer" added to Wan Timeline. Also thanks to Allicorn the Xenon Tharizden campaign (page 3) now has some awesome music at the beginning.
11/09/11 Added Lords of Law & Lords of Chaos, Lords of Mordark, Evermore Vault, Nox, The Blank, Black Elves and Titan Graveyard as well as numerous other small additions I cannot remember as my brain is blowing bubbles.
12/08/11 In preparation of resuming Wan, added Out of Prophecy to Wan Timeline. As requested by Marcus.
19/07/11 Google page search added to site under main menu.

Various minor additions to characters and places. Couple more creative snippets towards end of Wan's timeline.

In my new flat now. Missing my cat. Looking for second income.

05/07/11 Work is currently underway to correct viewing problems on mobile devices like smart phones and the ipad. At the moment pages to do not scroll properly but please be patient and this will hopefully be corrected soon.
04/07/11 Final payments made, thanks to loans from Ann, Pete and Charlotte. Moving this Wednesday. Possibly no internet for 1 week until connected. Offered some part-time coding / help writing work in the interim to tide me over.
01/07/11 Added a new Xenon Von Victor compilation album to music page along with various other compilation albums.
29/06/11 Added Codex Sounds and Quotes page. Am scouring my notes for more, like from Ash and Xenon for instance.

26/06/11 Tons of new places, artefacts and characters added. Ash volume 4 added but in process of being re-written to actually make any sense. Eldahar timeline -2599 also vastly expanded.
16/06/11 Fixed a few broken links and missing images. Added Planes to Places. Updated Ruan Athol timeline thanks to email from Justin. Am preparing to move out of where I currently live so apologies for any delay in returning mails.
15/06/11 New site goes live.
05/11 New site layout in place. Transfer of content begins.
03/11 New code and site layout from friend. Contacted by Liam who is concerned where site has gone. Various mails from Marcus.
02/11 Eldahar site taken down for extensive updating. Future of Eldahar uncertain after realising size of task ahead.